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To get even, Eden begins dating notorious playboy Hal Linden.Now it's Bonerz' turn to suffer the pangs of jealousy.

Barbara Eden, best known as the charming genie on the hit television series I Dream of Jeannie, will star as the neurotically neat Florence and Rita Mc Kenzie will portray the unkempt Olive."Simon's adaptation for female characters works just as well as it did for the original males...Suffice it to say that the eight-member professional cast insightfully directed by Joal Paley create a memorable comic experience.Scenic designer Thomas Buderwitz designed a single set that exudes depth.Colorfully (to the point of exhaustively) recalling those days, Eden writes that “Hollywood’s most high-testosterone players” could keep neither their eyes nor their hands off her: Filming a cameo on I Love Lucy, for example, she routinely had to flee from Desi Arnaz — and his “taste for young, curvaceous blondes.” She tore up JFK’s phone number when she found it planted in her pocket via Pierre Salinger. Simpson (the latter “all over me like a bad case of measles”), to say nothing of Harry Belafonte, Tony Randall, Red Buttons, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Curtis (“playing Ping-Pong wasn’t the primary motive for his visit”), and Burl Ives.And she was obliged to dodge, often literally, the advances of Warren Beatty, Tom Jones (“Can I show you London, Barbara? (Ives was in his mid-60s when he played a djinn in the 1964 film Brass Bottle, giving producer Sidney Sheldon the idea for a certain genie-fueled sitcom.) As this Roster of Suitors Rebuffed grew longer with every chapter, I couldn’t resist scribbling an exasperated marginalium: “Would all those who have not hit on Barbara Eden kindly take their seats in this Smart Car? Network censors ordered Eden to keep her belly button hidden during the sitcom, which ran from 1965-70.


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