Updating old outlets

So what can you do to save yourself from a future crisis? Otherwise, those fires you're setting in We all know that contractors are all fine, upstanding ladies and gentlemen and would never do anything less than the best possible job.

Cracked outlet plates will likely become a dust trap and, ultimately, a fire hazard.This is also the case for gaps created by undersized wall plates (gaps above 4.5mm also increase the chances of a short-circuit).Lint, dust and hair act as kindling when they accumulate, and electrical outlets are primo accumulation spots.“If you are missing the ground wire, you can’t put a three-prong receptacle there,” he said.“It does make a difference.”Not sure if an outlet is grounded?Before you start, have an electrician come over to tell you if your building's fuse box has been grounded at all. If your outlets are two-prong than you can easily assume that the building has not been grounded, but if you have a few three-prongs in the mix (say behind your fridge) then your building's wiring may be grounded but your landlord hasn't put in the time and money to convert all the outlets to grounded three-prongs.


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