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Your homes electrical panel operate as the switchboard for all your electrical power needs to all parts of your home.

It is important to make sure that your home is equipped with the most up to date system to accommodate the new and more energy-demanding electrical appliances.

Homes built earlier than 1950 have a 30amp or 60amp main service.

Homes built from the 1950s - 1980s were designed with a 100amp minimum...

As a rule of thumb, if the wiring has no problems, is intact, and has not been disturbed, it likely will continue to work for years to come with no problem. by adding additional wires and loads to the existing circuit could spell trouble.

Take time to have someone check the wiring in your home to be sure it is safe.

My home is 1,200sq ft Can walk on the attic parcel basement.

I did a bathroom remodel and needed new wiring installed since the old wire was knob and tube and tied into all the lights into the house.

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Spent 100.00 on a new sub box and outlets and switch.If the picture of this breaker box doesn’t scare the pants off you then you are one crazy, living on the edge kinda person.It doesn’t take a professional to know that this is not a well designed electrical system.Steele of WALSTIB Electric does most of my electrical work in Orlando because he knows old houses so well. I know old houses well enough to know that I don’t want to take any chances messing with the rat’s nest of wires in this place myself.There’s a time to call a pro and for me this is the time.[wp_ad_camp_1] While he was here I got to thinking what a great post it would make to ask him about the biggest dangers he finds when it comes to electrical systems in old houses.


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