In the late 1990’s, Sunny’s vision for broader scale led to forming a partnership with very successful date growers, the Bianco family of Anthony Vineyards.

) It’s my only day off work (horaaaay for days off!

Beschreibung Familiengottesdienst mit Kinderprogramm und Chinderhüeti Sundate ist familienfreundliche Kirche, Evangelium für alle Sinne, lebendig und bewegt.

Es werden kindergerechte und moderne Lieder gesungen und der anschliessende Sundrink bietet Gelegenheit, sich zu treffen und miteinander zu plaudern.

After Sunny’s untimely death in 2001, his sons Howard and Gordon have followed his master plan to guide Sun Date into the national and international leadership role that was the focus of his career.

Sun Date products are sold through the largest food retailers in the world, regional supermarket chains, independent grocers and specialty food stores.


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