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He was the perfect mix of hipster and nerd, attentive and aloof, confident yet realistic.

The following week, when we were on the phone planning our first date, I suggested a restaurant because of its excellent sangria.

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We’d like to say, “no, it doesn’t matter” but it can depend on how you manage diabetes and your date’s own feelings towards your diabetes.We eat out all the time, and his lifestyle changes have had nothing but positive effects on our relationship.He's lost 80 lbs., looks and feels fantastic, and I have lost some weight, too, as a result. Type 2 diabetes management is a three-legged stool.When you decide to tell your date about your diabetes will be partly influenced by your personal preference and may be influenced by your medication regime.If you’re on insulin, or otherwise susceptible to hypoglycemia, it’s a good idea to let your date know about your diabetes early on.Nearly 30 million battle diabetes and every 23 seconds someone new is diagnosed.


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