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Practices noted above for 1905 - 1912 continued with the exception that any new plates made during 1913 ended up being valid for only a single year since the state finally began issuing license plates in 1914.All base plates from 1963 to present are still valid for use, assuming the plate never left the vehicle and the vehicle maintained concurrent registration.Modern standard issue automobile plates use a 7-digit format with a leading digit that remains constant plus a 6-digit serial starting with AAA000 and ending at ZZZ999.On cars and vehicles registered after the suffix number plate style came into play in 1963, the number plate used to always have a year identifier. state of California first required its residents to register their motor vehicles in 1905. states and Canadian provinces came to an agreement with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators, the Automobile Manufacturers Association and the National Safety Council that standardized the size for license plates for vehicles (except those for motorcycles) at 6 inches (15 cm) in height by 12 inches (30 cm) in width, with standardized mounting holes.These plates were valid from the date of issuance until no longer needed for that car.The age identifier is at the beginning of the registration number on prefix registrations and were issued to new vehicles between August 1983 and August 2001.

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As with all registrations that carry a year identifier you can make your vehicle look as old as you want, but not one day newer.

Where the personalised registration number has an age identifier (i.e.

current style, prefix and suffix numbers), you can only display that plate on a vehicle of equal age or newer.

You can easily work out how old a vehicle is once you understand the way the 'age identifier' changes over time. New registrations changed from annual to twice yearly in 1999.

Shortly after, in September 2001, the current format number plate was introduced, made up of three parts: Under rules introduced in April 2009, drivers in England, Scotland and Wales can display the Union flag, Cross of St George, Saltire or Red Dragon of Wales.


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